Peak Potential Ministries

A ministry for spiritual renewal
Our Mission is to provide tools for women to enhance their spiritual life through

restorative, organizational and inspirational services using Christian principles. 

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Our Core Values


Portioning time appropriately to impact lives positively.


Sharing excitement and enjoyment when engaging with others.


Showing people care without judgment.


Expressing thankfulness in a genuine way.


Learning the “why” behind the “what.”


Leading others to a transformation by the Holy Spirit.


Providing positive feedback for forward movement.


Experience an all-inclusive package of Peak Potential services


Experience a personalized plan to rest and reset.


Experience a personalized plan to organize clutter.


Experience a personalized plan to live life inspired.

Why Choose Peak Potential?

You are a strong, confident, caring, creative, and successful woman. Yet, sometimes you can get overwhelmed, worried, exhausted, uninspired, and discouraged.

When this happens, it’s time to get serious about your spiritual life and a better life balance. It’s time to move from being complacent in your current situation to changing your current spiritual life resulting in a better life balance and renewed spirit.

Our Founder, Jolana R Bostwick

What do we do? 

We help individuals get from the point of spiritual burn-out to a moment of spiritual breakthrough where they can discover a better life balance using Christian principles for them to experience a renewed spiritual life.

How do we do this? 

We give them tools to learn the value of intentional rest vs. unintentional rest by hosting a customized retreat. We help them declutter physical space to be used for spiritual growth (ex. prayer room), leading to mental clarity, and we provide them with written inspiration to help them discover a path to spiritual renewal.

Relevant Credentials

  • Certified Spiritual Director, Selah Center for Spiritual Formation (2022)
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences, Emphasis: Sociology, Minor: English (2005) Delta State University (DSU
  • Master of Science in Community Development, DSU  (2007)
  • Selected 40 under 40 Top Business Leaders in NWA Business Journal (2018)
  • Graduate of Leadership Academy, Benton County, Arkansas (2019)

I own a business and have quite a busy schedule. My elderly mother was preparing to move and she needed assistance with packing and organizing her home and I just didn’t have the time. I had met Jolana through my business and she ended up working with my Mom. Jolana took care of every detail; streamlining the whole process with such ease. She also took photos of the items in the boxes and affixed them on the outside.  I would highly recommend Peak Potential and you will be amazed.


You never fail to inspire and uplift me whether in person, on a call, or with your newsletter.

You are appreciated and a blessing to those who you reach! Thanks for being you.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience Peak Potential’s MOCA retreat! A place for peace, restoration, and impartation. A mini-retreat that provided food for life, the music of inspiration, a time of sharing, and relaxation. Truly God-ordained, and facilitated by one of His great encouragers, Jolana Bostwick. MOCA is a place one is destined to experience when they are in need of some R&R or just some “Me” time. A place where you can rest in order to get the REST – Relief. Encouragement. Strength. Truth.