Cracked Eggs

Pull down the pride and replace it with reverential fear of the Father. Your lack of honor for the true kingdom has brought down you and your foes. The foolishness of not knowing your place has put you outside of your path, and you parted ways with your Lord. Your arrogance outlasted your war, you could have produced peace if you gave God the Glory and not yourself. Time will tell, if the egg will crack and your wings will be developed. For the Father, through the Holy Spirit, will come to rest on you with His mighty pressure.

What you enter the world as, will be seen only with His eyes for He has the true determination of your fate. Pursuit of His presence, while in the womb, will allow you to spread your wings and come forth into the world as an heir to the throne. You are abandoned no more, for you have realized whose you are and whose you’ve always been.

What was inward is now outward, and His love will continue to push through every crack of your hardened surface. Air out your arrogance and rejoice in your newfound freedom, or face demise by constant worry of the force God places on you. For God produces your best self, not you or anyone else and when this understanding is known within, then you will fly with an endless supply of energy as God’s love radiates through your wings.

Tell your story of how God brought you to life and remember…He receives all the Glory, not you, not man.