Doubt, is it the fear of your own strength? How can you fail at something God has put inside of you? God has so much more planned for you.

God’s glory is all around and it’s our destiny to be a part of it, not just view it from afar. Life is flowing constantly and the images that we see are fleeting, if we don’t take a mental hold of them. Water is coming and waking me up to a blissful reality.  Don’t run from the rain; it can be refreshing. Hard times can bring you direction.

Fools do not know what they seek. They cry of tomorrow, hoping for a brighter day when today is a learning curve. Today is a song filled with joy and tumult that will bring you future peace.

Inward, look inward, child of God. What are you facing that you are not facing? What is the deepest hurt that you are burying? Connect with the past hurt and find a Valley of Vision amongst the House of the Forest.