Peak Potential 4-month program


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Peak Potential is a four-month coaching program for women who may be facing burnout and searching for a better life balance. The program services include a customized retreat for intentional restoration, organization of a select space to help gain mental clarity, and life planning with daily inspiration to combat any discouragement to live out your God-given dreams. Participants can also choose specific parts of the program to focus on if not interested in all program services.


  • $600 for the four-month program or $150 a month for four months. (10% Savings). Program includes:
    • Get Restored with a 3-hour personalized retreat & two 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions. Valued at $220
    • Get Organized with a 4-hour space redo & one 20-minute follow-up coaching session. Valued at $200
    • Get Inspired with a 1-hour life planning session & one 30-minute follow-up coaching session, and daily inspirational messages. Valued at $240

Participants will learn methods to:

  • Redirect burnout
  • Reverse stress
  • Recognize trauma 
  • Rest intentionally
  • Remain inspired

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One payment, 4-month payment plan


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