Restoration – MOCA Retreats

I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience Peak Potential’s MOCA retreat! A place for peace, restoration, and impartation. A mini retreat that provided food for life, music of inspiration, a time of sharing and relaxation. Truly God ordained, and facilitated by one of His great encouragers, Jolana Bostwick. MOCA is a place one is destined to experience when they are in need of some R&R or just some “Me” time. A place where you can rest in order to get the REST – Relief. Encouragement. Strength. Truth.


This Is That Place! Where can you go to Receive Godsent tailor made personal care?

This Is That Place! Jolana puts the Graciousness in Hosting. She attended to my physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual needs. In other words- she fed me, she counseled me, and she Showered me with Love from God’s Own Heart & Hands. She is the Real Deal. I came with empty hands and a tired soul, but I left with both tangible and Everlasting Blessings. So if you’re in need of Help & Healing in the form of Reflection, Relaxation & Rest- THIS IS THAT PLACE!


Thank you, Jolana, for all you are doing to make our time here in this world as rich and aware, especially during these unprecedented times! My experience was deeply emotional and highly spiritual, it was a multitude of moments where my life and God’s action met face to face. Jolana did an amazing job tapping in and tuning in to all of my needs and desires, she has such a special gift. All of her knowledge, teachings, and tools blended well for my psyche, spiritual and physical being. I will definitely be back!


I have had the pleasure of scheduling several private retreats with Peak Potential’s MOCA retreats, and I would highly recommend them. They are very relaxing, rejuvenating, and customized to meet your individual needs. This private retreat gives you the opportunity to just relax and reconnect on a spiritual level that will motivate you to plan your next level. You get to feel special and cared for! Thank you, Jolana, for sharing your gift with so many.


Organization – REDO

I’ve had the pleasure of using Jolana’s services to organize my closet. Jolana always has a smile on her face and a plan of action! I put off organizing my closet for months, but with Jolana’s expertise and encouragement, we were able to get my closet organized in a few hours. I will definitely use her again. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a few of her amazing cooking club events. I was able to learn some quick recipes and fellowship! Her home is tranquil and beautiful. Jolana has been a true blessing to me and my family. Her professionalism is exceptional, and her smile lights the room.  


I can not express how grateful I am to Jolana for assisting me with organizing my pantry and closet spaces. I had been putting forth effort to organize them myself but kept getting overwhelmed and never completed it. Jolana came in and completed the tasks in no time. Her wonderful insight and observations on how I went about my daily tasks and utilized items helped her to put together a practical setup personalized for me. I finally have nice organized spaces that I can not only enjoy, but also maintain.


I own a business and have quite a busy schedule. My elderly mother was preparing to move and she needed assistance with packing and organizing her home and I just didn’t have the time. I had met Jolana through my business and she ended up working with my Mom. Jolana took care of every detail; streamlining the whole process with such ease. She also took photos of the items in the boxes and affixed them on the outside.  I would highly recommend Peak Potential and you will be amazed. 


The day I met Jolana, was the day my life CHANGED.  I thought I knew a thing or two about organization, but let me tell you, I was wrong!  Jolana came into my home, learned my style, got to know me, and came back with a plan that fit me perfectly.  She stuck to my budget and curated a master closet that Lauren Conrad would swoon at. She listened to me and gave me something that could never dream of! 10/10 would hire again (and again, and again, and again)! 

She also gave me SO MANY tips on organizing other parts of my home. Especially my kitchen spices, OMG


Inspiration – JRB Publications

Jolana’s work is a breath of fresh air. Her effective use of imagery allows the reader to escape the present and travel back to moments in time. The writer conveys relatable emotions that readers can tap into and connect with her simultaneously. The ever-present spiritual element in Jolana’s words offers inspirational hope that is a blessing.


What a beautiful gift! You never fail to inspire and uplift me whether in person, on a call, or with your newsletter. You are appreciated and a blessing to those who you reach! Thanks for being you.


Your newsletter brought me so much joy! I really need those inspiring words today. Beautiful Strangers and God’s Timing, both beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing.


Jolana Bostwick is such a beautiful storyteller. So honored to be featured in her uplifting publication.


Other Services

Jolana’s cooking club is one of a kind! It’s more than just cooking a meal together, but more of a time where all guards are down and humility feels the room! To add to the atmosphere, Jolana brings a bubbly and upbeat personality that is contagious! Genuine friendships are built and a sense of healing overwhelms you! When you need to relax, join Jolana’s cooking Club! I can’t wait to go again!


Attending the cooking club was a wonderful experience! Apart from the beautiful home atmosphere (and inside style!). She surely is an amazing host. Making sure that the time we were there we were taken VERY well care of. Walking in she had these amazing finger foods for us to enjoy at our pleasing. And the fellowship that we got to spend with the other ladies was really relaxing and enjoyable. Stepping back and taking a moment for oneself is essential from time to time and Jolana surely knows how to help one get some of that time. I’m certainly looking forward to the next time!