About Peak Potential

We exist to offer women strategies to gain a better life balance through inspirational messages, enhanced organizational skills, opportunities for fellowship, and a plan for intentional restoration using Christian principles.

Target Audience: 

We serve women who may be facing burnout due to a lack of balance, blocking their true potential to live a meaningful life.


Your Life Transformed – From Burnout to Breakthrough. 

Core Values:

Balance. Portioning time appropriately to impact lives positively. 

Enthusiasm. Sharing excitement and enjoyment when engaging with others. 

Compassion. Showing people care without judgment.

Appreciation. Expressing thankfulness in a genuine way. 

Understanding. Learning the “why” behind the “what.” 

Spirituality. Leading others to a transformation by the Holy Spirit.

Encouragement. Providing positive feedback for forward movement.

Peak Potential Programs: R.O.I

  • Restoration: Get Restored –  Experience a personalized plan to rest and reset.
  • Organization: Get Organized – Experience a personalized plan to organize clutter. 
  • Inspiration: Get Inspired – Experience a personalized plan to live life inspired. 

Peak Potential Additional Services:

  • Coaching – Life and Executive Coaching ($125/hour)
  • Consulting – Program Development and Fundraising (Prices vary per project)
  • Collecting – Family History and Stories ($50/hour)

Why Choose Peak Potential?

You are a strong, confident, caring, creative, and successful woman. Yet, sometimes you can get overwhelmed, worried, exhausted, uninspired, and discouraged.

When this happens, it’s time to get serious about a better life balance. It’s time to move from being complacent in your current situation by gaining competence to change your current state resulting in learned confidence to maintain a better life balance. 

Peak Potential offers an opportunity to rest and reset through a retreat specifically designed for you, recharge by organizing physical spaces to gain mental clarity, and refill by experiencing regular encouragement to regain daily inspiration.  

Peak Potential offers a blueprint to help individuals move from burn-out to breakthrough, providing a path to reset using Christian Principles. 

Participants will learn methods to:

  • Redirect burnout
  • Reverse stress
  • Recognize trauma 
  • Rest intentionally
  • Remain inspired 

Results: (Re)Discover Your Dream. Believe in Your Dream. Speak Your Dream. Walk-In Your Dream. Maintain Your Dream.

Program Intake Flow:

  • Call, Text, Email to Founder, Jolana Bostwick
  • Jolana to set up an initial call to discuss entry into one or all of the programs plus discuss a payment arrangement 
  • The program begins with an initial intake form to gauge needs and program recommendations.
  • The program begins (1-4 months to complete program) (virtual format)
  • The program ends with an exit form and testimonial requested.


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Get Restored

Get Organized

Get Inspired